JLanguageLearn not longer distributed

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I decided to not longer distribute JLanguageLearn.

Stay tuned and have a look at the Android Market from time to time!

Hello dear users,

the new release of JLanguageLearn can be downloaded in the Download section.

The new release contains a new type of lesson, Info lesson. This type serves as entry point to a new unit or chapter as information. The content is basically an html page which is displayed in the dialog, such that nearly everthing is possible in this lesson type.


have fun with the new version.

Hello dear JLanguageLearn users,

after a long pause I decided to have a look at the code of JLanguageLearn. This release is a bugfix release. I removed

some bugs in the upload of lessons to a FTP server.

Download this release at http://www.jlanguagelearn.com/downloads/JLanguageLearn_Installer.jar

PS.: If you’re a creator of lessons, upload your lessons for the community to your FTP server


I’m planning to make JLanguageLearn available as open source software.

To make it open source JLanguageLearn needs a free and reliable FTP server to store the lessons, such that new JLanguageLearn users can download the lessons in the future.

Is there anybody who knows where?

Hallo liebe JLanguageLearn-Nutzer,

vor ein paar Stunden gab es den Warnhinweis von Verbraucherschützern, dass die Internetpräsenz opendownload.de bzw. deren Betreiber versuchen mit Programmen Dritter abzukassieren. Ich erkläre hiermit, dass ich es den Betreibern ausdrücklich verbiete mein Programm JLanguageLearn auf Ihrer Seite anzubieten. Falls ein Internaut evtl. auf diese Masche reingefallen ist, empfehle ich diesen Artikel von Golem und auch den Gang zum Verbraucherschutz.

Lasst euch nicht betrügen!


JLanguageLearn 1.3.0 is out. This version finally contains the functionality to configure FTP servers.

To configure your FTP servers you first have to create some lessons with the JLLEditor. After that, choose the menu item “Configure FTP servers…” from the menu and you should see something like this

On the first picture you see all the configured servers. If there is none you need to create FTP servers in order to upload your lessons. Just click add and you’ll see something like in the second picture. Here you have to enter the

  • name (the name displayed for your FTP server)
  • directory (the directory to which the files will be uploaded)
  • server (the servers ip address)
  • user (the user with wich establish the ftp connection)
  • password (the password needed to upload to the server)

The list with the checkboxes displays all languages you created lessons for. If you didn’t create lessons beforehand, there are no choices available and nothing can be uploaded. So be sure to create your lessons first. If you already created lessons, be sure to click on the languages you would like to upload to the server defined above. In the case you don’t check any language, JLLEditor won’t upload anything.

If you have problems with the configuration, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Download a copy of JLanguageLearn and more important: create lessons for all other users.

Hi there,

a new version of JLanguageLearn is out. This version contains some improvements in the graphical interface.

Get the latest version in the Download section.

Namaste dear JLanguageLearn users,

JLanguageLearn now has an installer that recognizes Linux machines and installs shortcuts on the desktop and the start menu. For Linux users having a sporadic window manager not supporting a Desktop neither shortcuts on it, the installer provides 2 shell scripts in the installation directory. Just execute them in the usual way and you can enjoy JLanguageLearn.

Dear Linux users out there, get a copy and help me to test the installation procedure. I was only able to test it on Ubuntu linux. If you encounter problems just post a comment.


Hola a todos, hello,

a new version of JLanguageLearn is out.

This version contains some minor improvements in the editor and a refactored code to improve stability. The editor is now capable of deleting a selected lesson and refreshing the currently stored lessons. Download the new version in the Download section.

Why don’t you tell why you like JLanguageLearn here at the website. Post a comment and tell us also what you don’t like.

Hasta luego!

Hi everybody,

a few minutes ago I uploaded new german lessons. So, grap your copy of JLanguageLearn and download the german lessons.

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