JLanguageLearn is the first – and I think the only – complete language course and language editor software.

It’s based on Java and the software requires Java 1.5 or later.

With JLanguageLearn you can learn languages with an intuitive interface and 7 different lesson types:

  • Gap Lesson
  • GapTyping Lesson
  • Conjugation Lesson
  • Grid Lesson
  • Puzzle Lesson
  • Relation Lesson
  • PhraseTyping Lesson

Of course you can create a versatile language course with these different lesson types.

After creating the lessons you can publish the lessons on an FTP server and provide your users the language course by giving them only the location of the courses. JLanguageLearn will do the rest.

Just try it out and download JLanguageLearn now!

People Skills 100%
Editing Skills 90%
Marketing Skills 88%